Reproductive Rights

Protecting Reproductive Rights & Healthcare Decisions

While GOP lawmakers prioritized divisive schemes to strip women of our rights, freedoms and healthcare services during an epic public health crisis, Gov. McMaster vetoed tens of millions of state dollars allocated for critical family planning services.

I introduced H.4544, known as “The Viagra bill” to expose the hypocrisy of the legislature’s “war on women.” This bill received national and international acclaim for imposing the same state requirements on men seeking to purchase erectile dysfunction drugs as it would for women seeking to make their own healthcare choices. The bill is credited with broadening the debate in SC and across the nation about government interference in women’s reproductive rights and healthcare decisions.

As SC Republicans began to celebrate the imminent passage of their “Fetal Heartbeat” bill, I introduced the Pro-Birth Accountability Act, a groundbreaking proposal that requires the state to help cover costs associated with pregnancy, child-birth and child-rearing…from conception to college.

As Governor, I’ll continue to fiercely advocate for the reproductive rights and freedoms of South Carolina’s women and girls. I’ll prioritize the needs of everyday people because South Carolinians deserve to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions without governmental interference.

Any attack on reproductive rights is dangerous, socially and economically. We know what this kind of partisan, bigoted legislation can do to our economy. As Governor, I’ll fight to make sure every South Carolinian can thrive. That’s only possible when women are treated as equals to men when it comes to our rights, our pay, our opportunities and our freedom to make our own healthcare decisions.