Infrastructure & Environment

Shoring up our Infrastructure, Rural Investments & Environmental Protections

Back-to-back Republican administrations have failed to invest in much-needed maintenance and infrastructure improvements that are key to a vibrant, thriving economy. By kicking the can down the road until a crisis forces action— their leadership failures have become both hazardous and expensive for families, businesses and communities alike. Meanwhile, our crumbling roads and bridges, broadband “dead” zones, water contamination and other infrastructural challenges inhibit South Carolina’s economic viability and long term growth. How can we be globally competitive if we don’t maintain and improve the very systems that support our economy?

For example, the water crisis in Denmark, SC is an infrastructure investment failure. I have publicly called out Gov. McMaster and his Department of Administration and demanded that they request American Rescue Plan “ARPA” funds allocated to South Carolina’s small cities and towns. After months of inaction, he finally responded by requesting South Carolina’s federal funds. We should never have to beg a Governor to do right by ALL of the people of SC.

Because of my efforts, South Carolina’s small cities and towns now have access to ARPA funding that they can use to fund water, sewer, broadband, and other infrastructure improvements. Fortunately, those funds can also be used to address the impact of climate change, improve COVID-19 responses, supplement teachers’ and other essential employees’ salaries, provide emergency and contractual services, create and fund jobs, assist small businesses and fund other aspects of our state and local governments’ economic recovery.

As Governor, I will base infrastructure investments on the needs of our communities, not the self-serving motives of those in power. I’ll work with the General Assembly to allocate critical funds for the long-term sustainability of our roads, bridges, ports, dams, and broadband so no matter where you live in South Carolina, you’ll enjoy a better quality of life with the technology to innovate and thrive in the 21st century.