Investing in Education from Cradle to Career

To truly invest in the future of South Carolina, we must invest in our children. Those investments start well before a child enters a classroom.

As Governor, I’ll focus on the full spectrum of South Carolina’s public education system to help us begin to move beyond our “minimally adequate” education standard. It won’t be easy, but it is possible by listening to teachers and administrators who are on the front lines and collaborating with them to implement much-needed systemic reforms that include updating SC antiquated tax laws and fully and equitably funding public schools.

I’ll implement innovative programs and investments like Nurse Family Partnership or Parents as Teachers, evidence-based, voluntary home visiting programs that ensure every child in South Carolina is prepared for school. I’ll also work with the General Assembly to fully fund 4K in every county—which will better prepare our children and save the state money in the long-run.

We deserve a leader who doesn’t play political games, like trying to send $32 million to private schools while our public schools and teachers are struggling. Within the K-12 system, I support updating public school curricula to include project-based learning and technology courses that will better prepare graduates to compete in the global economy of the 21st century.

Of course, no investment in education is sustainable without supporting the public servants who lead our schools. While Republicans voted to protect employers from legal responsibility, they’ve refused to protect the working people of SC by requiring employers to implement COVID-19 safety protocols to help prevent on-the-job exposures.

As a fierce advocate for SC teachers and school employees, I believe our state continues to lose an unprecedented number of teachers because legislators have ignored their concerns, saddled them with unfunded mandates and refused to consult them on the front end of legislative policy proposals.

When it comes to education policy reforms…teachers, administrators and school staff offer invaluable insight and understanding about our state’s educational needs and challenges. Their voices are critical components of any real efforts to reform education policy in our state.

As Governor, I’ll ensure that South Carolina’s teachers have a voice on the front end of education policy reform proposals. As the daughter of an educator, I’ve witnessed the dedication of our teachers firsthand. I’ll prioritize pay increases for teachers, administrators and staff and continue to fight for better protections, working conditions, resources and partnerships. This will allow us to recruit and retain excellent educators throughout the state and create a world-class public education system that prepares our students to compete in a global economy.

Creating a state that our best and brightest young people want to live in as adults is key. Right now, we’re losing them to better pay, better jobs and better opportunities in other states. Equipping our younger generations with the skills they need to take advantage of high-paying jobs and economic opportunities right here in South Carolina will strengthen our state and improve our quality of life now and in the future.

I believe that a college education or workforce training should be accessible to all South Carolinians. As Governor, I will continue to work with my colleagues in the General Assembly to bring down the prohibitive costs of post-secondary education for all who choose that path.

Students who are educated in South Carolina schools deserve to use their skills to enrich our state, so I support equitable access licensure for undocumented immigrants.